Amazon Prime Day – It is that time again!

Amazon Prime Day shopping celebration

Let’s do it! Wow, it is July already and that means it is time for Amazon Prime Day. What is it? Let’s just call it a mega selling day online, similar to Black Friday or the Chinese Single Sales Day, but this is happening all around the world! Amazon Prime Day Early Access – Echo Devices This time around Amazon […]

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Awesome host family ?!? Do not fall for a fake host family!


It seems to be that time again when every time I open Facebook and see a post by a fake host family and sometimes I even in get an email… They are announcing wonderful families with one or two kids, in a great location, hardly any work to do, sometimes even just saying they need a “driver”, are offering a […]

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Au Pair Guest-post: Why I decided to give my life a pulse

We promised you to publish more stories, more of YOUR Au Pair stories. Today we get started with Carlotta’s decision to become an Au Pair. Have you ever felt like you wanted to be anywhere but where you are? Have you ever wanted to begin something new, to leave your everyday life? Have you ever felt like you’re not living […]

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