Fall is here! It’s October and Halloween is coming!

Halloween dogs
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The days are getting shorter and colder (at least here in the Northeast), fall is starting to show his face and Halloween is just around the corner. What are your plans to make this fall special????

Fall activities for kids

Fall = lots of different leaves falling to the ground. This is a fun idea to combine learning about animals with these leaves:

Leave animals

Leave animals



Looking for more fall activities for your kids?

Fall activities for you

Enough with all those kids activities 😉 What are ideas for grown-ups???

Apple and pumpkin picking are some fun ideas for the fall. In northern New Jersey we have several farms offering pick your own (PYO) in connection with hay rides, haunted barns, animal zoos, corn mazes and much more. Here are some examples (I will take my toddler to some in the next weeks):

During my AuPair year our and several other clusters went to the Amish Country (PA). I would need to look through my stuff to find the exact place, but I do remember we had a blast 🙂 You can check out the Discover Lancaster website for lots of attractions, events, and fairs.

The next fall activity on our list will be the changing of the leaves and I hope for a great Indian Summer. Why? I love to drive through the country side and see the trees changing colors – some awesome pictures include hills as well as rivers with trees behind them. Grab your camera (I will be updating to a Canon Powershot SX60 soon – I have the SX40) and take some pictures – remember morning and evening light can dramatically change the scene and some fog is cool, too!

Oh yes, this brings me to the idea take a photo course – in person not online! We have several “Unique Photo” classes nearby and I love them – we went twice with them to the NJ Festival of Ballooning (I have to make a post from this year but here is the one from 2015).

What are you doing to make fall special? Post in the comments and give ideas to other AuPairs and travelers!!! Do not keep those great ideas to yourself!

Halloween – start to think about it!

My host-family and I went as a duck family with the “Attention! ducks crossing” sign. It was fun to go through the neighborhood and get candy. Well, this year will be the first for my then almost 2 year old to enjoy Halloween. A round of trick or treating in the neighborhood is planned 😉

Come on, post a comment below on what you are planning for Halloween! Are you going trick or treating with your host-kids? Are you planning to go to party? Will your cluster do something special? How will you dress up????

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