The 9/11 Memorial – Today, 14 years ago…

never forget

It was a crisp, sunny, September morning. Leaves where changing on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls where we had spend three great days exploring the town, riding the Maid of the Mist, driving up and down Niagara River, visiting the butterfly museum, and taking the Aero Car over the whirlpool. I was visiting my boyfriend L one year after […]

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Back to School and Graduation with an invitation

Back to school and graduation

It’s time for “Back to school” Well actually it is a very mixed back to school time this year. Many kids are already back to school for a few weeks, others like the ones around us (Rockaway, NJ) are heading out to school this week and next. When I was an AuPair, Labor Day set the end of the summer […]

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Meditation for the (stressed) AuPair – F**k that!


The AuPair-life can be stressful – kids are running around not listening, host-parents may not integrate you into the family, and some other social stuff with your parents or friends is going on. Meditation… yep, you read right, meditation may be a way to calm yourself down but its difficult to calm your mind and find the time right… Discover […]

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Balloon-Festival NJ – Behind the fence with VIP-status


Hey everybody! Today I want to write about our experience of the Balloon-Festival in NJ with VIP-status. A few weeks back my Facebook-feed showed me advertisement for the NJ Balloon-Festival, an annual event at Solberg Airport in Readington, NJ (here is the link to the 2015 Balloon-Festival, the 33rd of its kind). I remember that I was there either during […]

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Journal series – part 2: Prepare and start writing

journal series part 2

Now that you got yourself a journal (if you did not read our first post, find it here: The journal series – part 1 / Die Tagebuch-Serie – Teil 1), lets get started with filling it with your own story. Preparation of your journal Open either the first page of your journal or use the back of the cover page […]

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Summertime, heat, and kids in the car

car temperatures

Finally! Summertime!!! Well some of you may have already realized that summertime also means no school and therefore adapted work-hours. In a previous post I gave you already some recommendations of what to do with kids during the summer (Summer ideas for kids from camps to workshops) and today I want to talk about a typical thing AuPairs do – […]

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California and the West Coast – You want to go there but be aware!

Golden Gate in Fog

There are many reasons you want to visit California and the West Coast. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver as well as many National Parks (NP) and scenic areas. Movies and shows show us beautiful beaches, happy family life and lots of fun things to do. AuPairs are drawn to the area because it is presented […]

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Lebensmittel und Produkte – Gibt es in den USA…? Ergänzt Fehlende und Funde!

Lebensmittel und Produkte

Häufig kommt die Frage auf welche Lebensmittel, Süßigkeiten und andere Produkte es in den USA gibt. Daher will ich das heute mal ein wenig beleuchten. Die USA sind jedoch nicht nur ein relativ kleiner Staat und daher kann es ganz schnell zu regionalen Unterschieden bei den Produkten und deren Verfügbarkeit kommen – dies ist schon daran zu erkennen, das es […]

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Interkulturelle Kompetenz – Mach mit bei einer Studie

Interkulturelle Kompetenz

Was bringt ein AuPair-Jahr oder sogar “nur” ein paar Monate im Ausland? Viele Studiem (hier ein Link) und Webseiten (hier ein Link zu einem Freund der cross-cultural competence zu seinem Beruf gemacht hat) zeigen das sich die eigene interkulturelle Kompetenz veraendert wenn man ins Ausland geht und man in bestimmten Arbeitsbereichen damit sogar sehr interessant fuer bestimmte Arbeitgeber wird. Aber […]

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8 tips for future AuPairs in the USA

View over New York

Previous AuPairs (we like to be called Returnees) can often provide plenty of interesting thoughts, tips, and reminders for future AuPairs. Here are 8 tips for future AuPairs in the USA: Tip #1 – Don’t limit yourself to certain areas! Locations in California, Florida, or big cities like New York are always in high demand when I hear future AuPairs […]

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