Au Pair Guest-post: Why I decided to give my life a pulse

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We promised you to publish more stories, more of YOUR Au Pair stories. Today we get started with Carlotta’s decision to become an Au Pair.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be anywhere but where you are? Have you ever wanted to begin something new, to leave your everyday life? Have you ever felt like you’re not living YOUR own life?

relaxThese were my feelings. This is why, that one day, I chose to become an Au Pair.
It was November. Several days after my graduation, I was home with nothing to do and I felt like I was wasting my time.

I wanted to travel, to meet new people and cultures and it was the right time to do just that: I was free, because I had finished my studies, I didn’t have a boyfriend, a job neither (furthermore, I don’t particularly like the minuscule town where I’m living with my family, the people who live here neither). During those cold days I bumped into an article about a girl who become an Au Pair in England, where she spent six unforgettable months. I searched for more information on the Internet and I found an agency which captured my attention. The Au Pair-program gives young people the chance to become an Au Pair in the United States (where I left a piece of my heart when I was 18). I decided to go to a meeting to understand if I really wanted to go there as an Au Pair.

It was December 5th. People who know me very well have always told me I was not really excited that day, in fact I was not sure about becoming an Au Pair at all. After that meeting everything changed inside me. That day I got a new awareness: becoming an Au Pair would be the best decision I could make. And I did, I decided to sign up for that agency’s program and complete its online application. That night I was so excited I explained what I wanted to do to my parents! They told me they would support me and they did, they are still doing that!

Today I’m here, after almost three months, waiting to leave my country to begin a new experience on another continent. Yes, I have found a great family in Virginia and I’m looking forward to meeting them.

If you don’t like who you are surrounded by, the place where you live, what you are doing, then change!

Make a crazy decision, don’t limit dont give upyourself, if you want you can change yourself and your life! And the people who tell you that you’re not able to handle that… well… don’t care about them!

Smile, be positive and believe your own dreams! I’m trying to do that, it’s not easy but worth it!

It’s what you want.

Don’t give up!


Carlotta from Italy

If you want to read more from Carlotta, check out her blog Chronicles of an AuPair. She also has a Facebook-page.

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