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Find information about becoming and being an AuPair, travel ideas and tips, ideas for games and activities for the kids, and much more!

Information platform for AuPairs and Hostfamilies, experiences, travel ideas and tips, everyday life in a foreign country, support, reports and stories, ideas for games and activities for kids, personal development, and much more.

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About us:
Originally, I started the website with the experiences of my sister and one of her friends: I (Anja) was an AuPair in NJ in 1999/2000, my sister Sarah and her friend Arnika were AuPairs in MA in 2001/2002. I created the website in 2002 and originally updated it regularly.  Now, in March 2015 it is time to relaunch the page with new and additional content.  I also created a Facebook-Page where I will provide you with ideas, tips, games, activities, inspiration, fun, and much more – often shared from this page! So please take the following two actions now:

  1. Bookmark this page so you can return easily to it.
  2. Like and follow the Facebook page (remember to turn on notifications) so you get my posts there regularly, too.

I put a lot of work into finding good resources for you but I cannot find everything. So if you find something that I should post or you want one of your well-written blog-entries, videos, or travel-photo-pages posted here, send it to me with a message over the contacts-link.
With work comes time and I am not charging you anything for the information I collect and provide here. However, to make a little bit of money, there will be some ads and some of the links on this page may use affiliate codes. I would appreciate if you order over them!

Thank you so much for being interested in Crazy-AuPairs and please feel free to contact me with any ideas, information, or wishes you have!


Sharing is caring

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