Amazon Prime Day – It is that time again!

Amazon Prime Day shopping celebration
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Let’s do it!

Wow, it is July already and that means it is time for Amazon Prime Day. What is it? Let’s just call it a mega selling day online, similar to Black Friday or the Chinese Single Sales Day, but this is happening all around the world!

Amazon Prime Day Early Access – Echo Devices

This time around Amazon Prime Day is not just a one day event or an extended one day event, it is two full days! That means even more time for shopping and more time for more deals (a.k.a. lightning deals).

What do you need?

Well, you need the Amazon Prime membership. If you do not have it, there are two options to give it a (free) trial!!!


Now what are some deals to get?

Here is a link to the lightning deals

How about some deals for Camera & Photo – I will be looking for

How about some deals for Camera & Photo – I will be looking for a camera for my little one (hmm.. a waterproof one, this one looks cool, one more for older kids maybe, another one like that, one with selfie cam…), a webcam (got me this one and this one, and a green screen (I ordered this one)!

Need inspirations? Here are the Best of Prime 2018 winners! And this was last years post.

I will keep updating this page throughout the day(s) with great finds!

And one more thing!!!

This week the Ultimate Travel Bundle will be available!!! I wish I had this when I was an AuPair – and I am sure glad to have it now for my family travels 🙂 Check it out here:

Get your bundle now!
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