Meditation for the (stressed) AuPair – F**k that!

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The AuPair-life can be stressful – kids are running around not listening, host-parents may not integrate you into the family, and some other social stuff with your parents or friends is going on.


yep, you read right, meditation may be a way to calm yourself down but its difficult to calm your mind and find the time right…

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My friend Sandra from Accomplish Now – Your Health & Wealth Academy (she is originally from Switzerland and lives now in Vancouver, Canada) writes

I experience that people are too often too focused on feeling busy! You and your thoughts are very important, because the power of your thoughts are having the biggest impact of any outcome in your life. If you think, I can’t you won’t, I you think I can ,you will.

Take 5 min, ONLY 5 min a day to meditate, to think about either the things you are grateful for or the things you want to achieve. How does it feel and look like, when you achieved it. What are you wearing, were are you, who is with you, what can you smell, how will you reward yourself?

I promise you changes in your life after having successfully implemented this valuable habit.


There are tons of videos and audios on Youtube and the Internet that can help you to relax with soothing pictures, videos, and sounds. I love the following apps

And here it is – the perfect meditation for (stressed) AuPairs:

Take 2 minutes and 29 seconds and watch the following guided meditation by Jason Headley and you will find some balance (and a good laugh) 🙂

Please make sure your kids are NOT around you while you are watching this meditation video!


And as my friend Kara Mckay from the Sacred Sassy Life says “F**k Perfect!”


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