Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Thanksgiving and Black Friday
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It’s time for the holiday season to start. Thanksgiving and Black Friday are the start of multi-cultural holidays including Hanukkah and Christmas. Here are some ideas for activities and also some information on what Black Friday is.

Some activities for kids for Thanksgiving and Black Friday

You have to work through the next days? A lot of AuPairs are more or less on duty these days as they are not full holidays for many host parents either. Many federal workers have at least Thanksgiving off but many are off only a few hours and others have to be back to work early on Friday again. So if you have to work, here are some ideas for kids – remember to like our Facebook-page for more ideas!

Post your ideas for other AuPairs below!

Black Friday – the start of the holiday shopping season

In those instances where host parents are off, many use the Friday as the shopping-opening for Christmas: Black Friday is an invention from the American retail giants to increase shopping for presents for the following holiday season. They often offer large discounts and introduce limited quantities of items for special prices, not to mention highlight the “hottest toys for kids for the season”. Some stores open at crazy-early hours for this and I (Anja) remember my host mother taking off around 4 am in the morning to stand in line to get the hottest toys for my four kids. It is crazy to watch – though now a lot of shopping is done online on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, another great retailer invention to get more people to buy online.

Here are some examples of shopping offers for Black Friday – remember they may be time/quantity limits so order quickly!

Of course the most favorite of them all is Amazon! But also check for great holiday travel deals over Thanksgiving and Black Friday as you can see below…

Don’t forget, there are other great deals available online and in stores! What are your best finds? Post them below!

Here are some always-great ideas:


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