Fragenliste fuer das Telefoninterview

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Here is a list of questions to ask your potential future Hostfamily:

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Stadt und Staat

  • Hobby
  • Age/ Class
  • Names
  • Personality characteristics (what happens if they loose a game; if they don’t get what they want; strict with them; often say no;)
  • Special needs, diet, allergies, illness
  • Religious? Attend church? Want me to come with you?
  • Family activities? Hobbies you enjoy together?
  • Their hobbies?
  • What are the characteristics of the hostparents?
  •  How do they get there?
  • Where do they work? How far away from home?
  • Buisnesstrips?
  • Continuous schedule? When do they leave and when do they come back?
  • Full work or part-time work?
  • What do they do/work?
  • Are you living in a house or an apartment?
  • How does the neighborhood look like?
  • Nature?
  • yard?
  • Parks in the area?
  • Beach or lake?
  • Do you have a pool?
  • Where do the grandparents or other relatives live?
  • How is the relationship with other relatives? Are the kids there often?
  • My duties?
  • Laundry?
  • Clean up kids rooms?
  • How do the kids rooms look like?
  • Do you have cleaninglady?
  • Vacuum/clean the house?
  • Do you have playroom?
  • Am I cleaning it up?
  • Are the kids supposed to clean up after themselves? (after dinner, snacks etc.)
  • I just remind and supervise?
  • Typical weekday?
  • When get up?
  • Make lunch?
  • Do I wake them up?
  • Am I alone with the kids in morning?
  • When does school start?
  • Do they take a bus?
  • Do I drive them to school?
  • From when till when is school?
  • After school activities?/ their Hobbies
  • What Hobbies and after school activities would they enjoy with me? Art work? Sport in the yard?
  • Will I cook dinner?
  • Just for kids or for whole family?
  • What are you eating in general? Just organic and expensive or regular stop and shop stuff?
  • Who makes the grocery shopping?
  • What do you want me to do while the kids are in school?
  • How many hours during the week?
  • Most of the hours during week and almost nothing during weekend or one day off during week and therefore working on the weekend?
  • Or are the kids with you every weekend?
  • Do I work often in the evening? Babysitting? Kids in bed and I’m just home?
  • Do you visit the grandparents often?
  • How do you raise your kids? Discipline? What do you focus on?
  • Do you say often no?
  • Do you want me to discipline too or just remind them with sentences like “you parents would not appreciate that”?
  • Can I make decisions like ‘no TV today’ and you back me up?
  • What are they doing during summer and other vacation-times?
  • Do they have playdates?
  • Can I make and plan them with other mothers and other aupairs?
  • How many kids come for each playdate?
  • How many kids in the neighborhood?
  • Any places for kids in the area? (Museum, zoo, parks, aquarium, movie theatre, lake, beach, amusement parks?)
  • Do you travel often? Any vacation planed?
  • When will I have vacation?
  • Am I off on holidays?
  • Do you let me join you?
  • Have you ever been to Germany?
  • Why are you interested in German aupair?
  • How many aupairs did you already had?
  • Why do you want to get an aupair instead of an American nanny?
  • What is an aupair for you?
  • Do you have one right now?
  • Are you happy with her?
  • How many aupairs are in the area?
  • How do you like the counselor?
  • Name and Number?
  • Do I have curfew?
  • Other houserules?
  • Where in the house is my room?
  • Do I share a bathroom?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Am I responsible for them?
  • Do I have an own car?
  • Can I use it in my free time and during the weekend?
  • Do just I use the car or also the parents?
  • Can I just use one car or all the family cars?
  • Does the car has restrictions? Curfew or special area?
  • How will my first days after arrival look like?
  • Can aupair-friends come over to visit me during the day and also stay over night?
  • Do you allow visitors from Germany?
  • College in the area?
  • Do you have internet at home?
  • Computer I can use?
  • What do you liked about my application that made you call me?
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