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Please use this page to post your own links to your blog/website/… in the comments – I would appreciate if you link to my page, too!

Currently there are links to blogs/websites from AuPairs from Argentina, France, German, and Poland.

Links to special websites for AuPairs

Apart from and its Facebook-Page (remember to like us!!!) there are several other websites for AuPairs with great information out there. Here are some of my favorite links:

  • The Funny Nanny – Great articles and lots of information and fun
  • The AuPair’s Chronicle – Articles and lots of fun stuff
  • AuPairMom – A lot of information not only from the host-parents side!
  • Au Pair Bloggers – Are you an Au Pair and a blogger and looking for a way to exchange your posts with the community? This is the right page for you 🙂
  • Au Pair Rant – some useful hints and advise for au pairs and nannies.


In case you wonder how the links are sorted...I used the URLs to sort by
because the Names may change on Facebook...

Links to Blogs from Argentinian AuPairs

Links to Blogs from French AuPairs

 Links to Blogs from German AuPairs

Links to Blogs from Italian AuPairs
Links to Blogs from Polish AuPairs


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