Flio – a new Travel-App

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I just really have to share this with you! The App “Flio” offers you some great features for traveling…

Functions of Flio

So what does Flio do for the traveller that has not been around before?
Well, as far as I can tell it eases mainly the access to Wi-Fi. I fly a lot and at each airport I have to enter plenty of personal information on each of my devices to log into the network. Flio highlights it takes your personal information once and then logs into any officially free network at airports, that is more than 300 airports (150 of them outside of the UK) currently!

In addition it highlights routs to bathrooms and boarding gates, provides you with searchable airport maps and much more. And here is the big plus for AuPairs and other thrifty travelers: discounts to airport restaurants and retail locations!

At a glance that mean Flio offers:

  • one click wifi access
  • discount offers
  • flight information
  • hints and tips

Here is the official page of Flio where you can also download the App. It has been featured by the guardian as one of the top 20 new iPhone Apps, the mirror and other sites.

I just downloaded the App but I will not travel till January (a quick trip to Las Vegas, NV) – I will try the App then and will let you know! I really hope they will expand their network in the US as this would make life much easier even though I have a good LTE connection 😉

Anyone traveling before me and tried the App? Let us know your experiences!

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