When you are back in you home country…

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The funny things that can happen when you come back:

  1. you order everything in English
  2. the shops are closed and it is only Sunday
  3. the food doesn´t taste so salty
  4. you´re irritated because you cannot watch TV anymore (hint: don´t look at the lips!)
  5. you miss the tax on your bill
  6. You’re looking for Ben and Jerry’s at your shopping center but can’t find it

How to adjust better:

  • talk to other Au Pairs about your time in the US and your time here
  • try to make yourself busy, the same as coming to the US
  • show pictures
  • talk to people who visited you in the States
  • give yourself time, it might take a month or two before you feel at home again
  • it helps a lot if you know what you do after your arrival in Germany (start studying or work,…)
  • and if you miss it too much, call your family, watch a movie in English, get the English books out and read
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